Global Leadership Brand in india. Asia's most prestigious & credible leadership Conclave.

India Leadership Conclave popularly known as “ILC Power Brands” are Asia’s most prestigious & credible  recognition for those that have excelled in their respective industry. With more than 15 years of experience in conducing & executing world-class awards programs with the use of state of art technologies & research  has indeed gone from strength to strength distinguishing best in class organizations. The set of prestigious & coveted awards are from asia’s most definitive & credible news media in mainstream journalism  is from the organisers of  Network 7 Media Group, the flagship media company of Indian Affairs’s Annual Event, asia’s most analytical news media is now celebrating its 7th successful & glorious years of achievement. Built upon a stringent methodology that is combined with a rigorous approach in selecting the best institutions operating within asia, the awards are adjudicated by an eminent panel of jury members who collectively have several decades’ worth of evaluating industry awards in asia using the powerful research public voting mechanism.

The Brand ILC

India is an unusual country– an inspiring democracy, a depressing reality, a celebration of mindboggling diversity. It is an ongoing saga of unparalleled migrations— millions of illiterates into literacy, equal or more numbers into the world of modern technology, thousands from malnutrition to healthy life. For unimaginable numbers every day is a trek to modernity too—clean toilets, drinking water, a roof over their heads, labour, modern medicine, compassion, transport, railways, aircraft, courts, modern laws.

A Billion plus population, We are the youngest country with 65 percent of our population below 35 years of age. We are the world’s largest democracy and we have a huge domestic market to feed. No country has such an opportunity as India to create jobs with human capital and abundant natural resource!

India is also where millions are daily put through the oppressive nature of modern nation-states—cruel security establishment, corrupt bureaucracy, communal politicians, plutocracy, robber barons. Vultures of modern society are hovering over the hapless, naked ordinary Indian, whose epic struggle to live a healthy life is in itself depressing.


Satya Brahma